The Ranger’s Redemption is Live! Book #3 – Brides of Mill Ridge

The Ranger’s Redemption is live on Amazon! Book #3 in the Brides of Mill Ridge series. This follows the Brides of Wichita Falls series.

Do you remember Grant, the fellow Texas Ranger who helped Elizabeth and Noah in book #2? He got shot during the melee while capturing the outlaws. He has his own story to tell in The Ranger’s Redemption, another historical western mail order bride story that I had a fun time writing.

Here is the story line:

Annabelle Hart is determined to redeem the Texas Ranger who had been injured during a shoot-out. Forced in marriage after an innocent mistaken ordeal, can Annabelle turn this cold-hearted man around?

Grant Jennings wanted to be left alone. He didn’t think anyone would ever want a man with a limp. When Annabelle shows up, things change. But was it for the better? Or worse?

I can’t wait until you read this one. I’m currently working on the next book called A Doctor’s Discovery. I won’t give you any details about it yet because I’m just getting started and things usually change as I write the book.


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